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Hellström H

I fly and Develope stuff, preferably Aviation and Weather related...


A pilot since 2004 and aircraft owner between 2006 and 2023, member of three flying clubs and four different organisations.
A great platform for arial photography and video creation.


Weather is closely connected to aviation and an ever changing subject. You can always talk about it. On this page I've collected data from different sources, just for my local area.


Proficient in ASP Classic and learning Python, Javascript and CSS3. Web application development is very creative and extremely fun. Also profficient in project management, GDPR, video shooting and editing, aerial photo and Desktop Publishing.

A few photos

The clouds are always beautiful from above.

BBQ all year, rain or shine.

Frozen lakes are good landing sites for small aircraft. As long as someone has checked the thickness and status of the ice...

Typical Spring flowers.

A sunset is always more beautiful and majestic, from a greater altitude.

Different shades of silver in the sun.

The view from Mollön.

City Hall in Roskilde, Denmark

A rainbow in our garden.

Another amazing aviation sunset.

The Fortress of Carlsten, on the island of Marstrand.

Snow growing on the birches?.

Santa is hiding out. Or is it a regular gnome?

My weather station

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🌡️ Out aux

⏲️ Pressure

💨 Wind

⛈️ Rain

🌞 Solar

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🌡️ Indoor

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✈️ TAF

🛩️ Nordic SWC map


🛩️ Nordic VFR map


✈️ Aviation

Gothenburg City

The Aero Club in Gothenburg


Aviation has been a significant part of my life, and since 2004, I've been a pilot. The turning point occurred at an airshow at Säve Airport in August 2000, where I had the opportunity to sit in a Cessna 172. Surprisingly, I fit, and that experience led me to sign up for a trial flying lesson. However, for various reasons, it took three years before I finally had that trial lesson..

Aeroklubben Göteborg is likely the oldest flying club in operation. Founded in 1918, it has been active for well over a hundred years. Initially, the club played a crucial role in identifying a location for the first airfield in the Gothenburg area. Torslanda proved to be perfect for both seaplanes and conventional aircraft. Torslanda remained the club's home until 1978 when it relocated to Säve Airport, just a few kilometers north of Torslanda.

Gothenburg City


The Swedish volontary flight service.

FFK is a para military organisation, much like the Civil Air Patrol in the US. The Marine, the Army and the cilvilian Athority for social protection and preparedness make use of our services.

I'm part of a Home Guard group of pilots, doing surveillance and other missions. FFK also has great courses to hone the skills of their pilots.


Flight experience

Closing in on 2000 hours

Going places has always been the most exiting part of my flying. I've touched down in most European countries.

Mostly, I fly VFR with modern aircraft, 2 or 4 seaters, single engine piston. I've also flewn veteran aircraft with tail wheel, sea plane and I'm also endorsed to fly with EFIS (Glass cockpit) and constans speed prop.


Going places

Wrinly countries, like Switzerland and Austria are my favorites.

Landing 12 ft below sea level, in the Netherlands, or in the alps at 5600 ft elevation are quite different experiences. Or, landing on a frozen lake or a frozen part of the ocean. All very fun experiences.

It's thrilling to take an aircraft to a new country, to explore a new place. Conducting research on local rules and carefully considering the weather is essential. One of my highlights was a seaplane lesson in Florida in 2019; I couldn't stop smiling all day. Another memorable experience was flying from Niagara to Toronto Island in Canada, with a breathtaking view over the Niagara Falls.



Experimental Aircraft Association

In 2006, I purchased an experimental, homebuilt aircraft, together with a couple of friends. We owned SE-XVG for 16 years and had so much fun with it.

An experimental aircraft is subject to a different set of rules and regulations, mostly similar to any other kind of aviation but with a few exceptions. After some training, you are allowed to maintain your own aircraft, which helps keep costs lower. It's also on a national register, so you need to ensure that you are allowed to fly to other countries (not a problem in most of Europe, though). You can purchase new parts and instruments at a lower cost than a certified aircraft, and you're allowed to modify the aircraft as long as the EAA approves, and an inspector signs off on it.

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